Thank you for your support!

Dear supporters of the Church of the Advent,


Thank you for your commitment to the life and ministries of our parish.  Pledges are the primary way that Episcopal Churches sustain themselves.  The generosity of our friends and parishioners is critical to our success.  When the pandemic hit, we had no easy way to receive online giving through our website.  We scrambled to create avenues for giving while passing the plate was not an option for us.  These giving vehicles worked, but they were not designed for use by churches. 


We now offer a church specific online giving option as the church is confidently catching up with the vast technological advancements which have changed how people support charities.  Working through our partners at Digigiv, the church can now receive online donations and create reports that will be able to account for this giving in a much more organized way than we are currently operating.  Digigiv also charges very low fees per gift.  Credit Card charges will be 2.5% of the gift plus a 30 cent transaction fee.  Going through a bank or debit card lowers the cost to just 1% of the gift. 


There is a new feature on the site which will allow givers to pay for the transaction fee on behalf of the church.  There is a little box with the prompt “I agree to increase my total donation to the amount of X to cover all processing fees.”  The X will be filled out when you are asked so you will know exactly what your total gift is.  Givers will not be required to cover these costs if they do not wish.  This system will allow for both one-time gifts and reccurring pledges (there is a short registration for recurring pledges).  We are happy to be able to offer this new system, and we thank you for your support.