Our Early History

The Church of the Advent was formed by a group of Episcopalians who lived in Medfield, but were members of Christ Church in Medway. The Medfield parishioners suggested that a service be conducted at Snow's Hall (now the Ord building). So in 1900 the first service was held for sixty individuals and was conducted by the Rev. Guy Miner, rector of Christ Church in Medway and grandfather of Marjorie Morris, a former member of the parish. Within six months a more regular and frequent schedule of services required the congregation to move to Grand Army Hall (present site of the Zullo Gallery).


Sarah Lawrence of New York, a summer resident and congregation member, donated funds to purchase property on Pleasant Street as a site for a church building. This was completed in 1905. The "Bethlehem Window" was placed at the east end above the altar, and eight smaller stained glass windows were located on the north and south walls. The altar was donated by Mrs. Lawrence's New York parish. The building was consecrated on October 14, 1906, and the Mission Church of the Advent was officially established. The Rev. Miner continued to conduct worship services and religious activities in both Medway and Medfield until he retired in 1923. Due to increasing membership the church was modified in 1927 by the addition of a new worship area with a small front entryway using the original doors. The original worship area was converted to a Parish Hall.


In the fifties Church of the Advent was granted recognition by the Diocese of Massachusetts as an established parish. Further modifications were done in the early sixties, including renovating the sanctuary and increasing the seating capacity to 200. In  1962 the church purchased the house at 53 South Street for use as a rectory.

During the late nineties further renovations provided a new kitchen, upstairs offices, meeting room and restroom. A new pipe organ was built and installed in 2003. 

A columbarium was installed and dedicated in 2011. It is located in the alcove of the original entrance to the church and includes a small sitting area with a lovely stained glass window. In June 2011, the window was dedicated to the memory of The Reverent Guy Miner, first priest- missioner of our parish.