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A Vestry is a group of parish members elected by the congregation to work with the church wardens and the Rector in managing the temporal affairs of the church.  This group is charged with property management as well as fiduciary administration and human resource responsibilities. These members have accepted a call to lead the congregation to a closer relationship to God. Elections occur at the annual parish meeting.  The work of the vestry is done in partnership with the Rector. The wardens are elected members of the Vestry.  They serve as advisors to the Rector and as leaders to the Vestry and to the parish in support of the mission of the church.


            OUR VESTRY

Chris Remington, Co-Warden                       Ellison Patten, Co-Warden

Ted Keysor, Treasurer                                   Theresa Melzar, Treasurer

Chad Colombo                                               Peter O'Neil 

Roger Travis                                                   Helen Merlin, Clerk



                              Marjorie Temple, co-convener

                              Jill Moon

                              Katie Tortorello


                             Anita Sadek-Lappen

                            Jack Wolfe

                            Jill Moon, Alternate


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